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Primanix is made with award-winning, scientifically verified ingredients to dramatically enhance your sexual performance.

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Clinically proven formula to boost your overall sexual performance

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Significant results start to develop in just a few days

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High-grade ingredients to boost potency and effectiveness

*Continue to scroll down to learn more about the scientifically verified formulation of Primanix and how Primanix will help you transform into the man you want to be.

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Bored and unsatisfied

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Mind-blowing orgasms

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Girls love to gossip. She’ll either tell her friends how amazing you were in bed or let her friends know how much of a mistake it was getting in bed with you. See what satisfied women say about real men.

Big and Curvy, 43

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“I’m 43 years old, and been married 3 times, and had sex with a fair share of men. I’m just under 5 feet tall and only weigh 95 pounds, so men quickly assume that I won’t require much to be satisfied.

That’s far from the truth. I’d always prefer big over average. Skilled over amateurs. Why not both? I won’t just have sex with anyone, so when I do, it has to be BIG, and I need to feel pleasure and satisfaction.

Any woman in the world who tells you size doesn’t matter is lying, or they have never had one in bed. If you met me, you would never think that I would speak like this, but this is the truth on how ALL women think. Of course, I’m still asking to be kept anonymous, but hope my message helps men out there actually start to care about what women need.”

Married but Needy, 39

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“I’m a married woman, have an amazing marriage, 4 kids, my husband and I enjoy so much together, from working out to fancy dinners. I am the typical “good wife” in a happy marriage. But for the last 3 years, I have been having an affair with a man from my job.

Rumors went around that he was hung like a horse, and I was dying to find out.

It’s all I thought about, and when I finally had sex with him, it was better than I expected. I feel somewhat guilty but it’s just sex, I don’t care for him at all, it’s just a personal need and pleasure.

I know my husband probably watches porn, and instead of watching porn four or five times a week, I enjoy the best and most amazing sex I’ve ever had.

We do use a condom.

Married and NOW Happy, 29

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“This question is too easy, size does matter. Bigger is always better.

I feel sad for women who haven’t had a man with a penis big enough to make them scream for pleasure.

I love speaking like this because it’s so true, and it sounds dirty but it’s true. My husband always had an okay penis, but when he actually tried to make me happy and worked on his size for me to enjoy, our sex life went to a whole new level. And our marriage has never been better either.”

Little League Dad Blows my Mind, 38

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“I started to date this guy from my son’s little league team. He was a single dad and I was recently divorced. The first time we had sex, and he took his pants off, my jaw hit the floor.

I had this odd feeling of being excited but scared at the same time. His penis was so big I knew this was going to be an experience I never had before.

It's been 3 years now, and we’re not dating or anything but I will admit that we still have casual sex. This was an experience I didn’t want to ever end, the sex is that good.”

Does Size Matter?

We asked 1000 women 6 simple questions about penis size and sexual performance

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Survey Results:

97% of women said they don’t expect much from a man packing less than 6 inches in erect penis size

89% of women said they regret having sex with a man because of his small penis

91% of married women said they still think about the best sex they had with another man

78% of women said they would consider cheating to satisfy their sexual urges

89% of women said they have stronger orgasms when their man can last longer

96% of women said SIZE DOES MATTER, and sex is always better with a man who has a bigger penis

Can PRIMANIX enhance your sex life?

The answer is YES, and Primanix is proven to deliver the results you’ve been looking for!



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Well-endowed men have 17 times more sex

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Women are 22 times more likely to have multiple orgasms during sex if the man has a big penis

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Size is the #1 reason why women are disappointed during sex

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Men who last longer in bed have more confidence

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Boosting SIZE, STAMINA, and SEX DRIVE is only possible with the premium, scientifically verified ingredients that Primanix has!

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Primanix contains a rare blend of scientifically validated ingredients PROVEN to give you added size where it matters most!


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Primanix delivers on all of the vital assets of overall sexual performance, giving you the power to be ready for sex anytime


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Have that raw sexual intensity ready for when you need it most. Make an impression and give her the pleasure she’s been craving for!


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Give women exactly what they are looking for and have the endless stamina that will help you keep up with the pleasure and intensity of sex, all night long!


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Primanix contains the essential supplementation needed to drive blood flow to your penis to maximize your erection hardness.

Raw intensity

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Boost your sexual performance, driven by intensity and primal instinct, and give her something that she has never had before!

Infinite Sex Drive

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With Primanix, it won’t take days or weeks to recover from intense sex. Getting ready for round 2 takes only a few minutes!

Increase Semen Volume

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Bigger erections need bigger loads. Semen volume is driven by two main factors – testosterone and Zinc, and Primanix is built with both.

What makes Primanix Different?

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The active formula of PRIMANIX has been clinically tested to increase penile tissue and increase ERECTION SIZE by 32%. Studies have proved that new tissue and muscle growth is possible in the penis. The average penis size is 6 inches. Imagine going from a 6-inch penis to an 8-inch penis with PRIMANIX!!!

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GUARANTEED to be the most POWERFUL scientific formula to promote PENIS GROWTH. INCREASE ERECTION SIZE, and THE AMOUNT OF EJACULATION VOLUME all in one breakthrough and innovative supplement. Get the BIGGEST and HARDEST erection you’ll ever have AND experience MIND-BLOWING ORGASMS!

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What’s stopping you from having the BEST SEX of your life? Everything you need to gain the results you are looking for is in PRIMANIX. Thousands of men have PROVEN that this revolutionary formula works. PRIMANIX is 100% backed by science. We GUARANTEE your results or your money back!

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Stage 1

L-Arginine is distributed to various parts of the body to release Nitric Oxide, which dilates blood vessels. Vasodilation improves blood flow and alleviates the stenosis and occlusion of arteries supplying the penis.

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Stage 2

Libido enhancers promote the release of free testosterone, which sends chemical signals to your brain to increase blood pressure on the corpus cavernosum. Libido enhancers also trigger the natural erectile process which involves the contraction of blood vessels to trap blood inside the corpus cavernosum.

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Stage 3

The improvement in circulation, combined with libido enhancers create a synergistic effect that allows penile tissue to continuously expand beyond its usual size to accommodate the increased blood flow from the arteries supplying the penis, which makes the penis permanently bigger in size.

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The Proof is in the Science

Every ingredient and formulation within Primanix have undergone extensive research. Hundreds of case studies have proven that with the most potent and highest quality of ingredient that is found within Primanix, penis enlargement is not only possible but nearly guaranteed.

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Penis enlargement is a delicate sequence of events only achieved by taking the right blend of ingredients.

Primanix enables you to make your penis bigger through increased blood flow and smooth muscle expansion. The ingredients found in Primanix are specifically engineered to work synergistically to make your penis bigger and harder permanently.

Muscle growth and expansion are controlled by several factors. Skeletal muscles like your biceps and quads achieve growth through progressive overload. Smooth muscles, on the other hand, expand to grow. The penis is made up of smooth muscles, and with Primanix's unique formula, your smooth muscles will expand and accommodate more blood, thus resulting in a BIGGER, HARDER penis. The ingredients found in Primanix enables your blood vessels to relax and dilate, allowing more blood to flow to the penis. The increased blood flow delivers the other nutrients in Primanix to induce expansion to the smooth muscles in your penis, effectively making it bigger and longer - just like pumping air into your tires.

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Primanix also has PDE5 inhibitors, which creates pro-erectile properties similar to that little blue pill we all know. Essentially, cGMP or Cyclic guanosine monophosphate, is an intracellular messenger responsible for the relaxation and expansion of smooth muscle tissue in the blood vessels, resulting in vasodilation and increased blood flow. The role of PDE5 inhibitors is to stop cGMP-specific PDE5 from degrading cGMP to greatly increase SIZE and HARDNESS of the penis.

The benefits of taking Primanix does not stop at penis enlargement; the ingredients in Primanix also inhibits the release of Ca2+ or Free, unbound calcium, a form of calcium that results in penile contraction. By inhibiting the release of Ca2+, Primanix enables users to delay ejaculation and last longer in bed.

Primanix contains Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, Muirá Puama, and Maca Root. These key ingredients, when combined with our proprietary blend, creates the best penis enlargement formula that easily outshines every other male enhancement product today. Each ingredient is absorbed and utilized to its full potency to give you the biggest and most intense erections you've ever had.

Our Accelerated Expansion Formula is further maximized by stacking it with our pro-erectile penis growth ingredients to give you the best penis enlargement and sexual performance enhancement results ever.

In a nutshell, Primanix is CLINICALLY PROVEN to help you get BIGGER, HARDER, and LAST LONGER in bed. The in-depth research and development make Primanix the best penis enlargement pill ever developed. Get yours today!




L-Arginine is one of the key Stimulating Penis Growth Ingredients in the Formula 41 Extreme super formula. With powerful free testosterone boosting properties and potent boosting extracts, L-Arginine can aid in the Instant Rapid Expansion of your penis.



Tribulus Terrestris works by delivering increasing blood-flow to the two chambers of the penis called the Corpus Cavernosum. This effect aids in the expansion of your penis.



Tongkat Ali, grown in the heart of Eastern China on our privately owned and protected farmland, provides your sexual system with a unique blend of constituents to help induce unrivaled expansion to the penis. In addition, this powerful and aged herb will boost to your libido and sex-drive, allowing you to put that enhanced penis to good use.



Maca Root is used to bolster the penis-enhancing effects of other powerful herbs in Formula 41 Extreme's super formula. The outcome of using extremely potent blends of Maca Root is that the penis tissue expansion noticed is substantially increased. This is one of the most important keys to our patented Instant Expansion Technology.



Muirá Puama was once native to the Brazilian region, but our scientists and researchers have been able to cultivate and unleash a more potent form of it, grown in our privately owned Eastern China farm. This specially cultivated form of Muirá Puama provides enhanced natural benefits, and libido-boosting properties.

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  • With PRIMANIX you will have INSTANT results. We GUARANTEE it, 100% MONEY BACK.
  • Stop wasting time and improve your sex life NOW.
  • It’s a fact, both partners will ENJOY a better sex life when the man’s penis is larger.
  • Primanix Money Back Guarantee

Join the Thousands of Men
That Trust Primanix

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78% of men had an increase in erection hardness

82% of men had an increase in stamina

74% of men had an increase in length

88% of men had an increase in sexual pleasure

77% of men had an increase in overall size

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